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About Miriam Segal

About Miriam Segal

Miriam Segal is a singing teacher and vocal coach (Complete Vocal Institute in Denmark) ond music therapist (The Norwegian Academy of Music). In addition, she has many years' experience with the Alfred Wolfsohn/Roy Hart method and the Alexander Technique. Miriam is also a licensed psychotherapist (University of Southeast Norway, Norwegian Institute of Expressive Arts and Communication) and a certified facilitator of mindful communication (Circling Europe). She has a background as a singer, actor, dancer, dance teacher, writer and translator, and is, at the moment, doing a Master's degree program in Clinical Mental Health (University of Southeast Norway) and a craniosacral therapy program (EANA Academy). In addition to her own business, she has worked as a substitute teacher for Beate Myrvold and gives masterclasses at NISS/Westerdals Høyskole – Oslo School of Arts, Communication and Technology (now part of Kristiania College). Miriam's research and work emphasize the benefits of a holistic approach to health and therapy with its focus on voice, body, soul, and mind.

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Vocal Technique

All healthy sounds the voice can make

Complete Vocal Technique, Alexander Technique, Alfred Wolfsohn/Roy Hart Method

Music Therapy

Stage Fright / Performance Anxiety

Get help to discover what stands in the way of your feeling safe and alive on stage or with others.


Presence and Performance

Learn how to stay present in the moment and give a genuine and authentic performance, connect with yourself, and connect with your audience.

Innleggelse Drug Abuse Treatment
Reiki behandling
Band Singer Performing
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